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Knowledge for 

Experience the outdoors, the ways and methods of outdoor learning.

Seminar on outdoor education, landscape & outdoor venues.

The aim of the seminar is to provide teachers and trainers of young adults, knowledge and tools to engage in the matter of outdoor education.

The seminar program provides a solid overview of outdoor education.

Seminar topics are lead by recognized experts, academics, researchers and practitioner.


The duration of the seminar is 7 days, with a short closing session on day nr. 7. The seminar starts at 15:00 Sunday afternoon.


The seminar location is in the center of Reykjavik and Reykjavik surroundings, with access to several great outdoor areas in the nearby surroundings.


The seminar consists of lectures, workshops, field trips, observations, hands-on learning, discussions, tasks and physical activities, and as well social activities and exchange. All build op to make a maximal gain for the participants.

Each day of the seminar is divided in two parts, morning session and afternoon session. Furthermore will each day be dedicated to a certain topic or field. The morning session will consist of indoors lectures, tasks and discussions with overview of theories, best practices, examples of outdoor education and its field. The afternoon session will consist of outdoor workshops, hands-on learning, observations and activities, where we will try and experience the learning gained from the morning session, creating a comprehensive understanding and ability to achieve the tools and means provided.


The objectives of the seminar are:

• To strengthen your theoretical and practical field of operation within outdoor education.

• To exchange practices and learn new ways of using the outdoor environment in education.

• To create and share best practice within the field.

• To learn different approach to education and learning outdoors.

• To gain training in using practical tasks carried out in the outdoors.

• To understand landscape qualities as a source of education and recreation.

• To learn about the local community as a resource to support the outdoor education.

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