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The name.

Cursus is latin for the word course/seminar, wich is descriptive for the main activity of our collaboration. 

Cursus Iceland is based in Reykjavik, Iceland and specializes in hosting seminars and courses on educational topics. 

Cursus Iceland hosts and organizes seminars for educational professional, trainers, adult educators and youth workers on the topics of outdoor & environmental learning, play and recreation and healthy living. The organisation focuses on bringing the education operative outside, under the open sky by harvesting ways and methods to establish a connection between the individual and its surrounding. Learning outside the classroom brings a variety to the learning environment witch benefits the aim for comprehensive learning cycle and gives many a great opportunity to   individual a great opportunity to accomplish and learn by experience.
The Seminars are carried out by recommended professionals, witch are part of Cursus Iceland Network. Cursus Iceland staff carry out topics that lie within their field of expertise.

Main activities.
Hosting courses/seminars within the field of education. Seminars designed to provide a thorough overview, theoretical lessons, best practice and hands-on solution.

Organizing seminars and events aimed at preventing pupils risk behavior.

Organizing training courses, non-formal learning and learning by-doing.

Being a venue for development in active citizenship and community involvement.

Event management and nature experience.

The founders of Cursus Iceland collaboration have professional educational background and have throughout their practice shown initiative and enthusiasm for educational development. 

The founders have great inspiration for learning and development. Bringing people with different background together for a great personal and professional experience.

The founders have carried out seminars and collaboration projects, within their field of expertice. All activities organized by Cursus Iceland is based on experience, professional understanding and insight into the matter in focus.

Meet the Cursus Iceland team:

The aim.
Cursus Iceland will use its experience, knowledge and strength to create a positive and constructive change to the field of education, personal development and cultural exchange.